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The Ripper and the Swedish murders – BBC News

For months after he replied to Operation Painthall’s email, Lundqvist heard nothing back from the British detectives.

Then in May 2017, the Swedish newspaper Kvallsposten published a story on Operation Painthall’s inquiry.

A few days later, Lundqvist received a reply – this time from the man leading the cold case review, Detective Chief Inspector James Dunkerley.

DCI Dunkerley wrote that it was absolutely certain that Sutcliffe had never been in Sweden.The telex that Operation Painthall had originally written about described nothing more than a rumour. As far as he was concerned, the case was closed.

Except that for Lundqvist, the journey had just started. If it hadn’t been for Operation Painthall, he wouldn’t have known about the unsolved murders of Teresa Thorling and Gertie Jensen. Now he did, he was determined to see the investigation through to the end.

His next hurdle was negotiating the

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