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What one daughter of a Green River Killer victim says about death penalty

As the daughter of a murder victim, I urge Washington legislators to repeal the death penalty this month. Washington should join Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and New Mexico, which have all repealed the death penalty since 2007.

In 1990, when I was 16, my mother’s body was discovered in a field along Highway 410 near Enumclaw months after her disappearance.

Her case languished as a cold case until 2003, when a suspect was finally named: Gary Ridgway.

As many residents of the Pacific Northwest know, Ridgway was dubbed the Green River Killer, and in 2003 was already in custody for several other murders in the greater Seattle area after being at large for 20 years.

Ridgway agreed to plead guilty to 48 counts of first-degree murder in exchange for providing information to law enforcement about the murders. As a result, he received a sentence

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Cold Case 2002: Family Seeks Justice After Woman Found Dead in Red River – NBC 5 Dallas

Bonham, Texas, sits a stone’s throw from the Oklahoma border, nestled in a landscape as picturesque and peaceful as the water that flows between them. Only echoes of passing cars and gentle breaks in the wake fill the air.

It’s the kind of place to watch a serene sunset. But as time passes in the border town, there’s one family that feels lost in time.

“It’s something that weighs heavily on you constantly. You just don’t forget it. It doesn’t go away,” said Jeff Schneider.

Schneider remembers the day his sweet niece, Jennifer Harris, came into the world.

“We were standing out in the lobby area and they wheeled her and her mother out, and the fire-engine hair, she was making the world known that she was here she was sounding off,” he said.

Ironically, in the Red River, that fire-engine red color would also be what alerted a

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