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Philly Man Charged in Cold Case Murder of Girlfriend Who Went Missing 3 Years Ago

A Philadelphia man has been charged in the murder of his girlfriend whose remains were found at a construction site after she went missing three years ago.

Jermele Hudson, 43, of Philadelphia is charged in the death of 40-year-old Pamela Lewis.

Lewis was first reported missing by family members on August 4, 2014. Investigators say Lewis had been involved in a physical altercation with Hudson, who was her boyfriend at the time, prior to her disappearance.
Lewis’ disappearance remained unsolved until June 19 of this year when contractors digging at a construction site on the 1700 block of W. Atlantic Street found bones at the location. At first the contractors believed they were animal bones.

On June 27, the contractors were once again digging at the location when they found what appeared to be a human jawbone wrapped in pink terry cloth as well as a hip

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1989 cold case of murdered mom, missing baby spurs sister to ignore danger

Simone Rivera has not given up on discovering what happened when her sister disappeared along with her son more than 28 years ago.

For the last few months, Rivera has been pushing hard to get her sister’s murder case re-opened by the NYPD, and she’s succeeded.

She was recently walking with her 10-year-old son and 7-year-old nephew on Broadway in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn when she saw a tall man walking straight toward her, pulling his hoodie down over his head.

“Then he grabbed my arm hard,” Rivera told PIX 11, “and gripped it really tightly.”


She told PIX11 that the man stared at her intently before she hit him with her cellphone and managed to get away.

Rivera wondered if the man was trying to send her a message.

The body of 22-year-old Monique Rivera, a mother of three sons, was

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1989 cold case of murdered mom, missing baby spurs sister to ignore danger – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX

BROOKLYN — Simone Rivera said she was walking with her 10-year-old son and 7-year-old nephew Monday night on Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn, when she noticed a very tall man walking straight towards her.

She said he was pulling a grey hoodie over his head and tightening the strings.

“Then he grabbed my arm hard,” Rivera said, “and gripped it really tightly.”

Rivera said the man stared at her intently.

She told PIX11 she hit him with her cell phone and managed to get away, with the children running ahead of her.

She wondered if the man was trying to send her a message.

For the last four months, Rivera has been pushing hard to get her sister’s murder case re-opened by the NYPD, and she’s succeeded.

On March 30, 1989 — more than 28 years ago — the body of 22-year-old Monique Rivera, a mother of three sons, was found by a jogger on City Island in

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DNA and Missing Evidence Are at the Heart of a 24-Year-Old Cold-Case Murder in Mesa

The case went cold in 1994, and stayed that way until 2009. That’s when DNA from cigarette butts found at the crime scene came back as belonging to Raymond Harold Hanley.

By then, he had been rotting in state prison for 15 years on a rape conviction.

Prosecutors charged Hanley, now 64, in Maricopa County Superior Court with murder, burglary, kidnapping, and arson. Hanley has always maintained his innocence in the murder and kidnapping.

On Tuesday, jurors got unflattering glimpses of both sides.

Lead prosecutor Vince Imbordino used Hanley’s statements from police interviews to lay the groundwork: “This defendant’s story has a habit of changing.” As he described other events, he left a slide detailing Hanley’s rape conviction lingering on a television monitor, giving it time to sink in.

Defense attorney Scott Boncoskey, didn’t mince words: “He is a rapist … he is an arsonist …

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Former Detective Calls For Cold Case Review Of Unsolved Murder And Missing Person Cases

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Clem Ryan

2007 Cold Case Reopened After Suspect Is Interviewed For Murder Of Girls Who Went Missing On Hike

A 10-year-old cold case has been opened after a suspect in another investigation confessed.

According to WLFI, a tip in a double homicide led authorities in Logansport, Indiana to 39-year-old Kevin Sellers. Sellers is also accused of killing his uncle, David Sellers, in the home they shared in 2007.

“We never dreamed that it would be him,” said the victim’s wife after all these years. David was found dead from a single gunshot. Although Kevin was interviewed at the time, no charges were filed.

Fast forward to August 2 of this year. Kevin was asked to come to the sheriff’s office after police received a tip about the double murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in February. Pictured above is a photo of the suspect in the murder of the two young girls.

That tip referred to David as “having killed his uncle some years before and had gotten away with it.” He ended

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The Police, the Missing and the Public

The number of people listed as “missing” in this country continues to fluctuate.

In each case, the circumstances are different and there is never any guarantee of a positive outcome.

Recently, however, there was reason for hope.

Five days after she went missing, bank worker Nikisha Roach was found wandering in the Edinburgh 500 South community where she lived by neighbours.

It was reported that she was dropped off by the individuals responsible for her disappearance.

While information in this case is still being collected and investigated, what may have played a significant role in her return was the quick action by her family who sounded an alarm very early in the situation in both the mainstream and social media.

Not without good reason either, as Roach fit the profile of several of the women who went missing in this country over the last few months.

Whatever happened in this case, the number of eyes looking for

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Fred the Head unsolved murder remains mystery as DNA rules out missing man

The mystery of Burton’s longest unsolved murder continues as one of its best leads has reached a dead end.

Detectives can now confirm that Fred the Head, the body of a man found beside the River Trent in Staffordshire in 1971, is NOT that of missing John Henry Jones.

Following familial DNA testing, John Henry Jones, who went missing from Trevor, near Llangollen, in November 1970, has now been eliminated from inquiries.

Detective Inspector Dan Ison, of Staffordshire Police, is investigating the case of the unidentified man who was found in a shallow grave in Burton in March 1971.

Discovery of Fred the Head
Discovery of Fred the Head

The detective made an appeal to viewers on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow on June 27, revealing a new facial reconstruction.

Det Insp Ison said John Jones, who went missing from Llangollen in 1970, was one of the names he wanted

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Did the Same Person Kill Two Missing Relatives Less Than a Year Apart?

About 10 months after her teenage nephew Jeremiah Pittman vanished in North Carolina, 25-year-old Zilphia Lowery also disappeared — and then, like Pittman, she turned up dead.

Were the slayings connected?

Authorities looked into that question while investigating both homicides, UPI reports. The cases will be spotlighted in a Thursday night episode of AE’s Cold Case Files.

As one investigator explains in an exclusive clip, “We had two people in the same family, in the same year, go missing. … These cases either have to be related or it is a real coincidence.”

While law enforcement reportedly probed the possibility that Lowery and Pittman, 18, were killed by the same relative, it took 15 years after Lowery went missing in 1993 for the truth about her death to be confirmed.

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