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Murder charges filed in 30-year-old cold case after Wonder Lake woman’s body exhumed

WONDER LAKE – First-degree murder charges were filed Monday in a 30-year-old cold case that led investigators to exhume the body of a Wonder Lake woman.

Arizona police arrested Mark Bringe, 70, in connection with the 1988 death of his wife, Lorelei “Lori” Bringe, on Monday.

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The 34-year-old’s death previously was thought to be a suicide, but the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin reopened the case as a homicide investigation in 2014, according to a news release.

Bringe’s body had been cleaned and embalmed before an autopsy was

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DNA from exhumed body of priest could solve cold-case murder of …

By Chris Boyette

(CNN) — The exhumation of a Catholic priest’s body by Baltimore County Police could hold the key to solving the 47-year-old cold case of a murdered nun.

On February 28, police opened the grave of Rev. A. Joseph Maskell after securing an order from the state’s attorney, according to Elise Armacost, director of public affairs for Baltimore County Police.

Police took DNA samples from the corpse to check against a DNA profile developed from evidence taken in 1970 from the scene in Maryland where the badly decomposed body of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik had been found by a father and son out hunting. The 26-year-old nun had been missing for nearly two months.

In the decades since the nun’s killing and as DNA testing has become a vital investigative tool, Baltimore County police have compared the DNA of several other people as part of their investigation into the never-closed case, according

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