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7 unsolved murders in Cambridgeshire that have baffled police for over 20 years

Seven unsolved murders are being investigated by Cambridgeshire police as the News opens up the force’s cold case files.

Today we look at killings detectives continue to investigate in an effort to jog the memories of the public who may hold clues to solving the horrific crimes.

A spokeswoman for the Cambridgeshire force’s major crime unit, said: “All cases of murder are not filed while there is any possibility the offender could still be alive.

“All homicide investigations are under regular review to look for and establish new lines of enquiry or advancements in forensic science that may lead to the identification of a suspect.”

Russell Marsom

Russell Marsom was just 29 when he was found drowned in Milton in March 1996 after a night out, but no-one has been convicted of the crime.

The Hunstanton hairdresser was

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Seven brutal unsolved murders in Cambridgeshire that have baffled detectives

Today the News is helping detectives catch the killers of murder victims in Cambridgeshire.

Cold case files held by the force’s major crime unit reveal the unsolved murders being investigated by police.

The murders have baffled detectives for years and sometimes decades but force chiefs have told the News they will never give up the hunt for the killers.

One strange investigation is into the identity of a severed head found in a skip near Ely.

Today we look at the victims, how they were killed in the hope of jogging the memory of anyone who can help police bring the murderers to justice.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “Teams of detectives are dedicated to investigating the most serious crimes, including murder, and many cases result in convictions and lengthy prison sentences.

“Unsolved murders are not closed and any new information

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Cases That Have Baffled The Authorities For Years

Murders Unsolved: Cases That Have Baffled The Authorities For Years (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem) (Volume 3) is a collection of the most baffling cases of murder from around the world during the last century. From the murder of Marilyn Reese Sheppard, the possible basis for the TV show and movie The Fugitive to the sad and lonely Boy in The Box and from the cruel murder of Dian Fossey to the still unsolved case of young Amber Hagerman that brought about today’s Amber Alert system, these cases are confusing, irritating and still unsolved! Learn more about the murders of: • Helen Brach, the candy heiress • Raymond Washington, founder of the Crips • Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador • Anne Barber Dunlap, found in the trunk of her car and many others. Read the backstories of these cases, the possible suspects, the fumbled investigations and other incredible facts and theories surrounding them. Also included are any current updates on the cases and where they stand today.