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Man confesses to cold case murder on TV, turns in self and accomplices – Austin American

“Twenty-five years ago, my nephew, Frankie, was murdered. Today, the man that did it confessed, and he and two others will now be brought to justice,” McAlister wrote. “Some closure, but the passing of Frank’s father, my brother, a couple of months ago (is) too little, too late.

Read more at: http://www.statesman.com/news/national/man-confesses-cold-case-murder-turns-self-and-accomplices/76sT4amJnVJcLeh6JvVlyJ/

Cold Case Solved: Two Arrested for 2014 Murder of Indian American in North Carolina

A missing persons investigation that had gone cold for two years was solved June 11 as the Onslow County, North Carolina’s Sheriff’s Department identified two suspects and charged them with murder for the 2014 death of an Indian American.

Early Lynn Eisner, 59, and his former common-law wife, Jacqueline Joan Hasley, are believed to have killed 29-year-old Arwayne Singhal sometime in late February/early March 2014, and then buried his remains. Eisner is being held in Pendleton County, West Virginia, pending his extradition back to Onslow County. Hasley is being held in Onslow County Jail, on bail of $250,000. She is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

A report from the Sheriff’s Department indicated there may be more arrests in the case.

Singhal was married to Eisner’s daughter, Mary Singhal, who told police that – after Arwayne had been reported missing by his family, who live in New York – she last

Read more at: http://www.indiawest.com/news/global_indian/cold-case-solved-two-arrested-for-murder-of-indian-american/article_2ba9bcbe-56de-11e7-b9df-9772494ad64f.html

The 44-year-old unsolved murder of an Israeli official on American soil

COLONEL YOSEF (Joe) Alon was murdered 44 years ago, and the investigation was closed when it reached a dead end.

Now the FBI has reopened the case, as first revealed by American journalist Adam Goldman.

One of the triggers for opening the file was Vladimir Ilich Ramirez, better known as “Carlos the Jackal,” who is serving a life sentence in a French prison.

Colonel Alon was Israel’s Air Force attaché in the US. He was among the founders and pioneers of the Air Force, with dozens of combat sorties to his credit in Israel’s wars of 1956 and 1967 against its Arab neighbors.

On July 1, 1973, he was driving with his wife, Deborah, returning from a diplomatic reception. After entering their driveway in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a suburb of

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Murder conviction reversed in 1991 Williamson County cold case – Austin American

“When she disappeared, the detectives found blood-soaked carpet down through to the padding, and a bloody hand print that matched Rex Nisbett, along with a lot of circumstantial evidence,” Duty said. “The moral to this story for prosecutors across the state of Texas is don’t bother trying murder cases where the suspect was smart enough to get rid of the body.”

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